Day Camp info for parents

This letter was just sent out to all of the email addresses we received on Day Camp applications. However, a few parents didn’t list an email address, some bounced back as being undeliverable, and some parents still haven’t turned in forms. So we are posting this info on the blog as well.

Please help us make sure this info gets into the hands of parents/kids/families that are attending Day Camp.


Day Camp letter to Parents 2013

One thought on “Day Camp info for parents

  1. The cub scout day camp is in desperate need of volunteers. Even if you can not be there for the whole 4 days any assistance any time you could give would be greatly appreciated. We start tomorrow and if you have been waiting to be asked to help this is your opportunity. Come be part of a wonderful adventure for our young men. We will be at camp from 8am to 4pm Tuesday – Friday and we would love to see you there. For more information on how you can be helpful please contact Ken Roberts (952-1769) or Andrea Tucker (452-0572). Thanks in advance for helping us with this important Volunteer activity 🙂

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