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Cub Scout Day Camp


Camp Program Overview:

The theme for the Lewis and Clark District Cub Scout Day Camp 2013 is “Weird Science”. Many theme related activities are already in progress for all programs; as with previous years we will be separating Cub Scouts by rank. We will offer them opportunities for advancement as well as providing activities and instruction that is age appropriate. This will allow boys to meet more Cub Scouts in the district, and we will still attempt to keep packs together as best we can. We will once again be offering a Tot Lot for young children of Staff members and parent volunteers. They, too, will get to participate in a few age appropriate activities. Our Youth Staff program will provide opportunities for older youth to earn leadership and service hours.

Please come and help us out! We need your ideas, input, time, and talents.

Program Dates, Time, and Fees
We are currently scheduled to hold camp the 11-14th of June 2013. Campers’ arrival is expected between 8:10 and 8:25 am. Opening ceremonies will begin promptly at 8:30 each morning. Pick-up of scouts is directly after closing ceremony, which will end promptly at 4:30 pm. Youth Staff, Walk Around Den Leaders and Staff are requested to be at camp between 7:55 and 8:10 am and plan on departing at 5:00 pm. This is to allow for daily information and feedback sessions. Friday camp hours will be different. Friday will be our one day Tiger Cub Day Camp. We will be ending with a BBQ and Closing Campfire. Regular programming ends at 2:50pm, the campfire begins at 3:00pm, and the BBQ will begin at 4:30 and last until everyone is done eating!

*National Day Camp guidelines require an adult partner for each Tiger Scout at Day Camp.

Registration Fees:

Day Camp $45.00
Tiger 1 Day Camp $20.00

Camp fees allow participation in all areas of the camp. Each camper will receive an Official Day Camp Uniform T-shirt that should be worn each day of attendance. Fees also go to cover costs of administering camp, program equipment and events. No one on staff receives compensation of any kind.

Scouts interested in attending Camp need to submit complete registration and health form. Fees must be paid in full at that time. Make checks payable to BSA Montana Council. Camp fees are non-refundable except in cases of emergency. Emergency related refunds require a written request to the Day Camp Director. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

Anyone interested in volunteering to work on the staff should mail their application/registration to:

Brad Weaver at:


Ken Roberts at:

Each volunteer staff member that works at camp will also receive an Official Day Camp Uniform T-shirt.

Camp Location and Directions:
Camp will be held at the Medicine River Scout Center (also known as MRSC). This is the old Skeet Club location off Central Ave West across the levy from Wadsworth Pond. This is the same location as last year.

Transportation to Camp:
Transportation to and from our Camp’s location is the parent’s responsibility. We encourage parents within the same Pack to car pool; however, appropriate information needs to be provided as part of the registration packet in order for your child to leave the site with anyone…including the child’s parent/custodian. If you carpool as a den, you will need to fill out a tour permit and bring that with you.

Camp Uniform:
Each Camp participant is required to wear the official Camp T-shirt everyday. This allows us to readily see who should be in camp and who shouldn’t. If the t-shirt is unavailable, please wear an official Cub Scout shirt. Pants or shorts are acceptable. We advise that every participant wear an older pair of sneakers (with clean socks) daily. There are NO sandals allowed in Camp. Events and activities are planned that will require a good pair of shoes.

Lunches and Water:
Each camp participant is responsible for providing his or her own lunch and drinks for the lunch time period. It is advised that each Camper put their healthy lunch inside of a labeled, one-gallon Ziploc baggie with a frozen drink inside to help keep their lunch cool. Den Leaders are expected to provide a cooler for the storage of their Den’s lunches. Camp will not supply ice for coolers, so make appropriate arrangements.

Family BBQ:
The annual Family BBQ and Closing Ceremony will be held Friday evening at the camp. This event will include the BBQ (with hamburgers and hot dogs provided, families are asked to bring a pot luck dish to share with others).

Tot Lot:
The purpose of the Tot Lot is to provide a place for Staff/Den volunteers to bring their non-scout children. Activities are planned to accommodate these young children. In order for a child to attend Tot Lot, a parent MUST be in Camp. We do not provide day care for siblings of Scouts or any other child. Each Tot Lot participant must be toilet trained.

Youth Staff:
Boy Scouts of any age and older siblings, who are at least 14 years of age or First Class Rank are invited to volunteer as a Youth Staff. Service hours will be recorded and a letter providing proof of service will be given at the end of each Camp session. If an adult attends camp on Staff or as a Den Leader for the week, older siblings, between the ages of 11 and 18 years, may also assist their parent as a Youth Staff.

When applying for a Youth Staff position, please indicate your preferences of stations. Please note that Range activities require Aides to be at least 14 years of age.

Station Leaders and Den Leaders:
All Volunteers are required to attend a Camp Leader training session prior to Camp. In addition, each adult must also have taken a Youth Protection Training Course. A parent, who is not currently a Den Leader, may still apply to be a Walk Around Den Leader at Camp as long as they have taken these two required trainings. YP Training is available online but proof is required before a training card will be given. This training will also be available at one of two training sessions offered.

Walk Around Den Leader responsibilities include escorting their assigned Den to the different program activities, supporting team building with the Den, encouraging individuals to do their best and to respect each other, and providing positive redirection/discipline when necessary. In addition, the Den Leader is responsible for providing a cooler to contain their Den’s lunches. It is suggested that the Den Leader coordinate, within their Den, the responsibility of bringing ice to keep their cooler cold. Camp will not provide ice.

Station Leader responsibilities include preparing an initial and final inventory of the materials needed/utilized within their station, preparing for each period’s activity, promoting a positive and instructive atmosphere for the Scouts at their station and guiding/supervising the Youth Staff assigned to their station.

When registering as a Volunteer, please indicate whether you would like to be a Walk Around Den Leader or a Station Leader.

Anyone who would like to be on staff for Day Camp can contact Ken Roberts(952-1769) or Brad Weaver at (750-8615). You will need to have the same training as the other adult volunteers. We are currently trying to fill many positions.

Training for Camp:
Each Den Leader, Youth Staff, and Staff Member is expected to attend a training session to learn the ropes. If you cannot attend this training session please contact Ken Roberts at 952-1769. Training will be offered on 5/30 from 6:30 – 8:30pm and 6/1 from 9:30-11:30am.

Planning Request:
Many volunteer hours are spent planning for a successful Day Camp. If you are able to assist in any way with brainstorming, planning, pre-assembling items or pre-camp serves, PLEASE call Ken Roberts. We need all the help we can get. Thanks.

Contact Information:
Any questions regarding Camp should be directed to:
Ken Roberts
2821 2nd Ave N
Great Falls, MT 59401

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