Cub Scout Spring Recruitment

When: May 28th from 5pm to 7pm

Where: Paris Gibson Education Center Cafeteria

It is time to recruit new scouts for the coming year of scouting. It is a perfect time to try and get scouts to join our organization. They can use the busy summer schedule to get ahead in their books and make sure they earn rank in a timely manner. A lot of people wait until the start of school to join because they don’t know they can join near graduation or end of school year. Please have your scouts help pass on the word and get their friends into to program. Remind your scouts they can earn the recruiter badge by having their friends come join scouting. I have included the flyers that will go out in the wednesday envelopes. Please feel free to print them out and pass them on to anyone who might be interested in joining. I am the P.O.C for this event and can be reached at

If someone would like to join but can’t make the date, they can contact the scout office at 761-6000 to find out what pack to contact.

Please contact Kyle Roberts to schedule a boy talk to help generate support.

Cub Scout Spring Recruitment

Spring Tiger


Jeff Goble

Recruitment Chair