Trail to First Class Reminder

Just reminding all of you that Trail to First Class is this upcoming weekend. It is very helpful for the advancement of your younger boys. Also, I know the mystery of the results of the OA elections is eating you up inside. So, come along with your regular camping gear, including the ten essentials (yes, we will be checking). Bring five dollars for every patch set you would like, and any patch designs your troop has compiled. Be sure to remember the Dutch Oven Dessert Cook-Off, because that is one of the highlights of the event. And, as always, be ready to have fun. We still need troops to teach classes. If you have a request, you need only reply to this post. Otherwise, we will be assigning duties at the campout, and you may not be ready. So far, we have two of our guys assigned to Flag Ettiquette and Knots. Troop One has Orienteering, and Troop Twenty Six has First Aid. You may show up whenever, but Check In will begin when I arrive with Troop One at about 6:00. I look forward to seeing you all.

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  1. Check-In will be at 6:00 of course. Then at 9:00 we will call the scoutmasters and spl’s out to brief them on Saturday’s schedule. After that the troops are free to do whatever until Taps at 11:00. So, you have the choice of: as soon as you arrive to check in, check in to 9:00, or 9:00 to 11:00.

    1. Tanner, looking for Saturday schedule, not Friday. Troop 26 is planning a patrol competition for dinner on Saturday, so I will need to know the Saturday afternoon schedule.

      1. Well, now I feel dumb. Please accept my heartiest apologies. Saturday morning will begin at 6:00, followed by breakfast. Breakfast time ends at 8:30 with flags by Troop 7. Sessions will follow, up until lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00. More sessions follow until 4:00. 4:30 will be evening flags. 5:00 to 7:00 is dinner time, including the Dutch Oven Competition and Patch voting. Right after that, the OA will get in position and the Campfire will begin soon after. Taps is at 11:00. I hope that this proves more helpful than my last reply.

  2. What tools will we have to cook with during OLT? Do we have to bring anything other than food?

  3. I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with the acronym, OLT. Holter Lake has campfires, of course, but that is all, so I would suggest bringing some other means of cooking like you normally would. The dessert competition will be done in dutch ovens, so be prepared for that

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