Trail to First Class

Just a friendly reminder that Trail to First Class is right around the corner, April 12-14. This is where any boys that are not yet First Class can come to fulfill many requirements. This will be held at Holter Lake, as it has been for a long time. It is free, unless you sign up for a patch, which will be ten dollars. Also, the OA asks the troops to begin designing and bring their designs to the event. There, the scouts will vote on their favorite one. The winning design will be distributed to those who order the patch as soon as possible. OA can handle some of the classes but will need some troops to help out. The list of classes includes, but is not limited to pioneering, first aid, orienteering, fireman chit, totin’ chip, nature, and flag ettiquette. Please call Tanner Dodge to sign up to teach a class if you can. One more note is that the OA call-out occurs here. This is where scouts learn if they have been elected into the OA. If your troop has not scheduled an OA election, please get ahold of Tanner or any other OA leadership before the camp out. I hope to see every troop there.

3 thoughts on “Trail to First Class

  1. In previous years, there has been a Dutch oven dessert competition. Will this be part of this year’s event?

    Also, it has been advertised that outdoor leader training will occur at this Campout. Where and how do we sign up?

  2. A Dutch Oven contest sounds yummy, we can absolutely do that! Scoutmasters will need to register for the event at the scout office, the ladies there should know what to do. They are really good at this stuff. A sheet will be passed to each of the leaders to sign up for patches after the design contest (that way you can decline if you dislike the design).

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