District Derby Days

Central Catholic High School

2800 13th Avenue South

Great Falls, Montana 59405


P.O.C. for this event is me: Jeff Goble cspack43@gmail.com or 406-403-3494

Vehicle Registration: Friday March 1st, 2013 from 6pm to 8pm

Derby Races: Saturday March 2nd, 2013 at 1000am

Cost: $5 per vehicle registered

No Recycling vehicles from previous years, build new every year. Scouts Honor!

Emergency vehicle registration for those living outside of great falls will be offered on saturday morning from 9am to 10am. Please, try to register your vehicle on Friday night.

Uniform of the day: Class A uniform.

Pack Leadership, please bring your pack flags.

Home Depot has graciously volunteered to help you cut your cars or trucks. They have given us two dates.

FRIDAY, February 15th from 6pm to 8pm

SATURDAY, February 16th from 10am to noon

Please obey these date and hour restrictions. Ask for a hardware associate and they will cut your car for you. If you cannot make these store hours, but still require assistance then let me know your pack number and issue you are having. We want all scouts to have the opportunity to compete.

Hello everyone and thank you for being a part of district derby days this year. I hope your scout has fun in this iconic tradition of the boy scouts.

Here is a flyer you can email or print to give to your pack, or anyone who might want to enter a car in our masters division. Derby Flyer

There are 4 seperate types of races that will happen at district derby.

Pinewood Derby Cars: We have a division for scouts and a division for masters. Be careful when searching the internet on how to build fast cars. A lot of the suggestions are against the rules. The rules are intended to create a fair competition for all the scouts. Here are the rules that you must follow to enter a car into pinewood derby this year.

 2013 Cub Class Rules

Pinewood Derby Semi-Trucks: (WEBELOS ONLY) When creating your semi truck, the bulk of the time is being creative on the trailer of your truck. The scouts can really get creative and design some interesting trucks. The trucks overall should not weigh more than 22 ounces total. Also, do not make the semi any wider then the trailer. Nothing can stick out over the sides of the trailer. Everything must be secure in the trailer. Be careful when driving the long nails into the trailer block of wood, I would recommend pre drilling to avoid splitting the wood. Here are the rules for Pinewood Derby Semi-trucks. semi derby rules

Trimaran and Regatta boats: (All Cub Scouts). The way both these boat races are run are the same. I will post the rules for the Trimaran and insert the rules for the Regatta boats. Just follow the instructions that come in the box. Boats are a quick and easy build. Make sure you glue the sail to the mast, so that when the scout blows on it, the sail does not flip around on him. Here are the rules for Trimaran Regatta.

Trimaran Rules

Regatta boat rules

Hull: No Longer than 7″ nor Shorter than 6 1/2″

Mast 6 1/2″ from deck to top

Keel and Rudder (make as shallow as possible to keep from rubbing the side of the gutter

Sail: You can cut it, but it can’t be larger than the supplied sail.

These are the rules in the instructions that come with your boat.

Here is a Website from Boy’s life on a different way to make it.


For those who don’t know the difference in a trimaran and a regatta boat here are some pictures.

Trimaran:      triboat1


Regatta boat:  standardboat1

Any and all of these kits can be purchased from the district scout store or check with your pack leadership.

Boy Scouts of America Great Falls

820 17th Ave. South

Great Falls, MT 59405


Thank You and I hope to see you there!