Hello Everyone,
We will be having Outdoor Leader Skills, Outdoor WEBELOS Leader Skills and BALOO training this weekend. The training location is at the Medicine River Scout Center. Scoutmaster/Asst Scoutmasters should arrive Friday evening before 6:30 pm. There is an overnight requirement for you so we will be camping out. We will go over camp site selection and Leave no Trace during the evening. All others (OWLS) need to show up at 9 am on Saturday. If you want to join us friday by all means join the fun. Saturday, we will have opening ceremonies at 9 am and start our training. The OLS/OWLS training should be done by 2:30pm and then we will go into the WEBELOS specific items after. The curriculum is the same as OLS just have adds the WEBELOS outdoor activities at the end. Baloo will occur at this time. So if you just need Baloo join the fun at 2 pm. Everything should wrap up between 3 and 3:30 pm. Things to consider, You will be required to cook a meal (lunch) after your cooking class. It can not be a hotdog/hamburger (no cheating) this needs to be with substance. Bob Dowdy is teaching the cooking and you get graded on your meal. I made venison stew with potatoes, carrots and oinions when I went through. This is really going to be a good time and we have collected some really great instructors for this. Hope to see you all there. If you have questions just give me a call 406-868-7892