Fall Camporee and Fishing Derby results

Greetings from the Camping Committee


Thank you to all the boys and adults that came to the Fall Camporee. It looks like a good time was had by all. I know I had a blast watching the Counting Coup Contest and watching the boys catch crawdads.( some even cooked them up) I look forward to the Klondike and putting together a prorgram you all will love. Just a little tidbit, we are going to do human bowling at this event which will likely be at Camp Rotary again.


The results for camp…


First place…..Troop 28 …..Hooters


Second Place….Troop 28 …..Flaming Bunnies


Third Place…..Troop 14…..Narwhals


Scouter awards from each Troop are as follows

Troop 28…..Joe Grassechi

Troop 14…..gene Cantley

Troop 4……Wyatt Greismiter

Troop1……Drayke Holefelder

Troop 26…..Anthony Anderson

These boys were chosen by their adult leadership


Once again thank you all