Please Help Ryan Hainey with his Eagle Project, TOMORROW, July 26


Sent on behalf of Ryan Hainey, SPL, Troop 7

“I have finally reached the end of my Eagle Project preparation to install 6
benches in North Kiwanis Park and just in time, too!  I know this request is
really late in coming, but I must complete my project by the end of the day
on Friday the 27th.  I have arranged for equipment and supplies to be
delivered to North Kiwanis Park TOMORROW and need MAN and SCOUT power to
install the benches.  Please show at 10:00 Thank you very much in advance

Yours in Scouting, Ryan Hainey”


—–Original Message—–
From: Adkins, Lonnie D CTR USAF ANG 120 FW/CCZ
Subject: Service Hours for Scouts

Any Scout who helps with an Eagle Service Project gets credit for their
service hours required for advancement.

“For the Second Class <>
Rank, a Scout must participate in a service project or projects approved by
his Scoutmaster. The time of service must be a minimum of one hour. This
project prepares a Scout for the more involved service projects he must
perform for the Star, Life, and Eagle Scout Ranks.

– Advancement Policies
<>  #33088, page 27

Star and Life Ranks

For Star <>  and Life
<>  ranks, a Scout must perform six
hours of service to others. This may be done as an individual project or as
a member of a patrol or troop project. Star and Life service projects may be
approved for Scouts assisting on Eagle service projects. The Scoutmaster
approves the project before it is started.

– Advancement Policies
<>  #33088, page 27

So, if you need hours you can help Ryan on his project and you will get
credit.  His number is 1 (618)363-2760