Do A Good Turn For Mapril Cleanup

By Ruth Fischer

I received a phone call from Terry Miller over in Black Eagle. She is the organizer of the Maypril cleanup in the area of Black Eagle. She is wondering if there are any scout troops/packs that would like to help out with the efforts. The community will be out and about collecting trash April 28 and May 5 from 8AM –Noon. If they are interested in helping they can contact Terry at her home number 453-4908 or her cell 231-3376.

They will meet at The Moose Lodge in Black Eagle on 21st Street at 8AM on both days weather permitting. A couple of times we have had snow and the event was called off. If they can help out the full time that would be great but if they can only help an hour or two that would be great too.

If you could add this to the L&C web announcements that would be a wonderful way to get the word out. Let me know if you have any other questions and if you can put the word out for me.

Thank you!

Ruth Fischer
Friends of Scouting Secretary
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