Trail to First Class Schedule

The following is a tentative schedule for Trail to First Class. As you all know it is at Log Gulch Campground at Holter Lake. We are in the upper end of the campground. So when you arrive there maybe a rope across the road. Please take it down drive thru and replace it after going thru. As you may of heard this year is a bit different. Instead of having the older boys teach the stations we are hoping they will be taught by the OA Arrowmen. So as you peruse the schedule you will notice there is a 9:30 PM OA meeting on Friday with Chris Shephard the Chapter Advisor instead of an SPL meeting. So if you have Arrowmen in your unit please be sure they attend.

We are planning something for the older boys as well and that is in the works as well speak. Tim Locke is working that I believe.

I will be handing out the tracking sheets right after the morning flags on Saturday. As it seems they sometimes get misplaced ect…..

2012 Trail to First Class Schedule

Friday April 20th, 2011 –

4:00 PM – Registration and Check-In Opens

9:00 PM – Registration Closes

9:30 PM – OA Meeting (by Chris Shepard)

11:00 PM – Taps (all quiet in camp)

Saturday April 21st, 2011 –

6:00 AM – Reveille

8:00 AM – Finish Breakfast

8:30 AM – Morning Colors and Opening Ceremony

9:00 AM – First Session Begins

10:30 AM – Second Session Begins

12:00 PM – Lunch Break

1:00 PM – Third Session Begins

2:30 PM – Fourth Session Begins

4:00 PM – Fourth Session Closes

4:00 PM – Order of the Arrow Meeting at flag pole

4:30 PM – Evening Colors

5:00 PM – Dinner Preparations and Eating

7:00 PM – Dutch Oven Buffett ends

8:00 PM – Campfire

11:00 PM – Taps (all quiet in camp)

Sunday April 22nd, 2011 –

6:00 AM – Reveille

8:30 AM – Finish Breakfast

10:00 AM – Clean Campsite and Check-Out

11:30 AM – Leave Camp

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I will try and answer them.


Keith H
799-2265 or