Cub Day Camp

Its time to start thinking about Cub Scout Day Camp – June 12-14th, 2012.

Registration forms for Cubs, Volunteers, Camp Aides and Tot’s or Siblings that are coming with Adult Volunteers are now ready from your Day Camp Coordinator or Cub Master or can be found on the Lewis & Clark Website for download.

Early Registration due by April 16th is encouraged – receive a $5 discount.

Cub Scout Day Camp is a 100% Volunteer Program and is most successful when Parents & Leaders get involved.

List of Day Camp Positions – Act now to secure your preferred choice, we have filled a few spots but still have many more to fill.

We have a lot of fun things for the boys to do this year. Camp will take place at the new Medicine River Scout Center, with this being the first year at MRSC the boys will have a new place to find adventure! If anyone has any questions or wants to sign up to volunteer you can call Cathy at 406-788-1016 or email at