Friends of Scouting Team: CONGRATULATIONS!

Friends of Scouting is our campaign to solicit donations to our Council and District.  This campaign pays for virtually all of the administrative Scouting support received by our units.

Because of Friends of Scouting, our youth benefit from a well organized Scouting program and receive incredible Council camping opportunities.  For the past decade or so, FOS has remained an area where our District has fallen behind.

However, I am thrilled to report that 2011 is the year the breaks the trend!  As of the date that I am writing this note we can be proud of the fact that we have surpassed our FOS goal for 2011 by over 9%!

Thanks and congratulations to everyone from Lewis and Clark District who contributed to the campaign!  Special thanks are due to our FOS team, including (in no particular order): Chuck Jennings, Doug Nicholson, Peter Gray, Greg Pinski, Wayne Thares, Aaron Weissman, Peter Jennings, Greg Holt, Joe Briggs and Larry Garlick.