Klondike Derby details

Lewis & Clark Boy Scout & Webelos 2012 Klondike Derby

January 20-22, 2012

 “Camp Rotary” south of Monarch & 2 miles south of the Lazy Doe  

milepost 43 & 45 on Highway 89

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Great+Falls,+MT&daddr=47.0280103659,-110.779673272+(%22Camp+Rotary%22)&ie=UTF8&v=2.2&cv=,-111.038818&spn=0.894663,1.757813&z=9&output=embed&w=640&h=480]

 Theme:  “Winter Camp Skills”

Release December 7, 2011


Pre-Registration – Registration – Fees – Tour Permits:

Registration is $10 per person, payable in the Scout office by January 13 at 5:00.   We need the name of one adult from your troop to help with the judging.  Remember you need to get a “Local Tour Permit” from the Scout Office or on line.

The “Tour Permits” will be checked when you arrive at the Camporee.  You will not be allowed to camp or compete without a “Tour Permit”.  This means you must have at least “Two Deep Leadership” and at least one leader trained in “Youth Protection”

You should also have a copy of the “Medical Form” for each scout and each leader, in addition to “Parent Permission Slips” and a copy of “Guide to Safe Scouting”

Webelos: Each Webelos scout need to have a parent or guardian with them at the Camporee.  Webelos will compete as Webelos and not as part of a troop.

Ventures will report to Mr. Scopa for their activities.

All Scouts will be cooking with their troops in their campsites.

No food will be provided by the Camporee Committee.


Questions: Questions on the contest should be addressed to David Mikulecky, 1300 Avenue C NW Great Falls, MT 59404, phone 453-7966, email davenmim@bresnan.net .

Contests:  1,400  Points:

The contests are all based primarily on a variety of scouting skills.  The patrol method, cooperation, problem solving, team work & “No Trace” camping will be stressed.  They will need to bring their Klondike sleds to haul their supplies.  In addition they will need to bring Poles and ropes etc as listed in the contests below.  If there is no snow they can be equipped with wheels.


1. Check In – 100 Points

  • The “Tour Permit” is Current and appropriate.
  • Medical Forms are on site and available for scouts.
  • Medical Forms are on site and available for leaders.
  • Parental Permission / Consent slips are on site and available.

2. Camp Site Setup & Organization – 100 Points

The campsite shall be well laid out, neat & orderly, this includes inside the tents.  Typical areas to include are; cut and uncut wood area/pile, ax yard, cooking area, camp kitchen, wash area, etc.   We will not be having gateways due to the frozen ground and snow. However the troop flag and troop number should be displayed.

Does your camp have a schedule of events posted, is the First Aid kit present, is there water buckets/barrels available for fire, is the fire place of approved design, are tents are correctly and neatly set up, is there a spade/shovel available, are extra rope/line and camp materials neatly stored, has the original ground cover been removed, is there a designated hand washing area, and is an approved ax yard neatly set up?

For the Cooking & Dining Area is there: a duty roster posted, a menu posted, are the duty roster and menu are being followed, is there a proper dish washing area, is the food properly stored, is the area neat and clean, are trash bags available/in use, is the water stored to prevent leaking, is the meal preparation area neat and clean, and are the meals served in a cleanly manner?   Fires & Cooking Outdoors  will be Leave No Trace.  It is suggested that you use propane.  If you are going to cook with wood you will need to have a fire barrel. 

3. Is the Scout Prepared – 10 Essential Items plus – 100 points plus

The thrust of this event is to help train each scout so that they get in the habit of taking these items with them whenever they go on a hike or into the woods.

Does each scout have the 10 Essential Outdoor items as per “The Boy Scout Handbook” pg. 207 and do they have the following bonus items:

1.) ten foot of small diameter rope,

2.) three foot of Duct Tape wrapped on a short pencil,

3.) A small survival kit,

4.) Scout Book,

5.) Insect repellent. (You need sunscreen instead for the Klondike)

6.) “Mountain Money” (toilet paper)

4. Are You Prepared for Cold Weather?   – 100 Points

Each Patrol will be tested to see if they are ready for the outdoors.   This is a team event and the whole patrol will be involved.

Each scout should have following wool or warm synthetic clothes; a long sleeved shirt or sweater, Long pants, long underwear, socks, Warm hat, and extra gloves, socks and underwear to change into.  This should be in addition to an  Insulated Parka or a Coat with a Hood and warm boots. Ski clothes would be acceptable.

5. Building a Snow Cave – 100 Points

Each Patrol will build a snow cave before Saturday @ 6:00 pm. as per http://www.princeton.edu/~oa/winter/wintshel.shtml    This is a team event.

6. Snow Shoe Relay  – 100 Points

Each Patrol will race against the clock in covering a course on snow shoes.  The average time per patrol member will be used to determine the winner.   This is a team event.  It is possible that at the next Klondike derby that you will be required to make your own snow shoes before the event.  More on this later.

7. Fire by Friction  – 100 Points

Each Patrol will produce fire by using a bow and drill method. The bow and drill is to be handmade by the scouts prior to the event and may not be commercially made. This is a timed team event

8. Fuss Stick.     – 100 Points

Each scout in the patrol will make on site a fuss stick (BSH p 411) with materials that they have brought with them. This is a timed team event.

9. Hoist a Log.   – 100 Points

Each Patrol will construct two tripods using 6’ – 8’ poles and lashing.  Across the tops of the tripods they will lash another 6’ -8’ pole.  They will then throw a line over the horizontal pole and lift a log off of the ground using a timber hitch.  The patrol will provide all materials except the log to be lifted.  When the judge gives the OK they are to dissemble and coil the ropes and return to the start line.  The whole patrol will be involved and this is a timed event with the total time used for rating purposes.

10.  Tying 8 Knots + the “Fisherman’s Knot”  – 100 Points

The patrol leader may organize the members as to which patrol member goes 1st, 2nd, etc. Each patrol will provide their own ropes. Each member of the patrol will in turn go to the tying area and be given a knot to tie and they have to tie that knot.  If the patrol member can not tie the knot or they do not tie it correctly, they will return to the start line (and go to the end of the line) and the next scout will go to the tying area and tie the knot.  All scouts returning to the starting line will go to the end of the line.   The whole patrol must be involved.  This is a timed event with the total time used for rating purposes.

They must also include the “Fisherman’s Knot” http://www.folsoms.net/knots/

They must also include the “Fisherman’s Knot” http://www.folsoms.net/knots/

11. Snow Ball Accuracy   – 100 Points

This event will be explained on site.

12. One Way Boomerang Throw   – 100 Points

This event will be explained on site

13. Klondike Sled Race   – 100 Points

This event will be explained on site

14. Campfire Skit – 100 Points

Each Patrol will present a short skit.  This is a team event and will be judged by the Camping Committee.  The whole patrol must be involved.

On some of the events some scouts may have to sit out.  No scout can sit out more than once until all scouts have sat out.  Some scouts may have to be used twice in the same contest


Check with the Camping Committee upon arrival as to where your unit is to camp.  Campsites will be assigned in a general area on a first come basis.       The Family camp area (for scouting families and their RVs) will use the area near the scouts.  Please check with the camping committee before parking, so that we may maximize the use of this area for all


Materials will be no available on site..  It is suggested that you should get an assortment of lodge pole pine poles to use for construction before you come to the Camporee.   The number & sizes of poles will be up to you to determine.   This means that you will have to do some planning before hand.

You will need to bring wood for your fires & drinking water.  It is suggested that you use propane to cook with so that we will not leave a mess

Camping Committee Philosophy:

  • Adults are welcome to watch their boys compete.
  • The boys should have learned the skills prior to the contests.
  • The boys are to do the work, the adults just watch.
  • Webelo leaders are allowed to help and assist the Webelos.
  • Troops/Patrols are not to be assisted by adult leaders.
  • The boys are to work together as a team; they start together and finish together.
  • The Senior Patrol Leader is the person leading their troop, and the Patrol Leader is the person leading his patrol.
  • A Scout will be a living example of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto and Scout Slogan and they will camp following the Outdoor Code.
  • The contests will be announced and explained as much as possible and as early as possible before the event.
  • Some contests by their very nature will not be announced or explained until right before the contest starts.

Time Line & Schedule:

  • Now: Ask questions – Start Planning – Get Help
  • Gather materials for camp out, poles rope etc. and Practice, Practice, Practice

Jan. 13                 Registration is due @ 4:00 PM .at the Scout Office

Jan. 20

  • 4:00 – 9:00    Arrive – Check in & set up camp
  • 9:00 – 10:00 Cracker Barrel
  • All Scout Masters, Pack Masters, SPLs. & youth Webelos Leaders (Required one adult and one youth leader for each patrol or Den.) & Judges.
  • 11:00              Lights out

Jan. 21

  • 7:00              Reveille
  • Breakfast (on your own w/ guests
  • 10:00            Flag Ceremony by camp headquarters
  • 10:30            Contests Start
  • 30 minutes per contest & 1 hour for lunch.
  • 12:00              Lunch  (on your own & on the Trail
  • 3:00              Contests are finished/Final Judging.
  • 5:00              Dinner (on your own /guests
  • 7:30              Skits – Campfire – Guests – Awards
  • 11:00              Lights out

Jan. 22

  • 7:00              Reveille
  • Breakfast on your own
  • 10:00              Camp Check out.

Caution:   Watch the weather.


You will need to bring wood for your fires & drinking water.


Remember this is Pack it in & Pack it out Camporee


Remember that this is a winter camp out, so bring plenty of warm clothes.  With an extra change of everything, just in case one would get wet.

Also we need to have a count of people coming so that we may allot camp sites.  Parking will be an issue so keep your transportation vehicles to a minimum. .

You will need to have one sled per patrol.



Resources & Hints:

Some good online resources are