Recharter Deadline

From: “Vanderkolk, Brian 043”
Date: November 11, 2011 3:45:32 PM MST
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Subject: FW: Recharter Deadline

Scout Leaders /Commissioners-

We have an urgent situation developing in our District. With three weeks left before the end of the recharter period, only six units have even gone online to begin the recharter process. Some of you have been contacted, but in the interest of being thorough I am sending this to all contacts for which I have an e-mail, as well as the Commissioner Staff. If you are the individual responsible for recharter, please log in as soon as possible to get things underway. If you are not, can you please forward this request to the appropriate recipient with your unit, past or present.
Tracy is available in the office to answer any questions. She is at 761-6000, or you can stop in and she will be happy to help you finish this. Since Tracy is responsible for the entire Council’s recharters, we do not want to have all the paperwork coming in at the last moment- we run the risk of overwhelming the office. Further, last minute filings leave us no time to correct any issues with the recharter if they exist. Please help us help your units stay chartered- we absolutely do not want any lapses that could affect unit tenures or insurance coverage, nor do we want recharter to affect the Journey to Excellence goals for the Unit, District, or Council. Commissioners, please join us in the effort to have a successful recharter.
Thank you for taking the time in your hectic schedule to help us with this important enrollment process. Kyle and I are also available if you have questions or concerns regarding your specific Unit.

Happy Veterans Day to you all-

Brian VanderKolk
District Commissioner
Lewis and Clark District

F 406.771.0753
C 406.590.2233