Recharter Party at District Roundtable, 11/1 beginning at 5 pm!

We all know that the recharter process is the most … fun … part of Scouting, right?

Even if you don’t agree, we hope that you will find our plans for the District Roundtable tomorrow will take at least some of the sting out of the rechartering process.

In order to help as many units as possible through their recharter, we will have a big LAN party to guide you though your recharter.  We will begin at 5 p.m. at our normal Roundtable location, the Stake Center at 1015 15th Ave S.  Just bring your recharter file and we will do the rest. We will help as many units as possible until it is time for the District Meeting to begin at 7:30 p.m.

Computers will be provided and Council Staff will be on-hand to answer any questions that might arise.  If you have a laptop that can run Microsoft Internet Explorer, we would appreciate its use for a few hours!

Regular Roundtable discussions will also be available.