Wow!! We Sold a LOT of Popcorn!

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I need to give a hearty thank you to the residents of Lewis and Clark District!  Your support of our boys’ scouting program is nothing short of incredible.

Our boys sold a record-setting amount of popcorn this year, for the second time in a row.  Total traditional sales were $217,900 and online sales were $5,125, resulting in a total sale of $223,025 worth of popcorn.

In 2010, we ended the sale with a then record-setting total of $218,000, which means that we increased our sales by 2.3%.

Our Council, District, Units and Boys get to keep 70% of our sales to help our program.  That means that our popcorn sales resulted in operations income for Scouting in our area of over $156,000!

What does that mean?  It means that Packs, Troops and Crews throughout our District will be able to plan a year of great, quality programs for the boys and girls we serve.  It means that we will be able to recruit and train more and more leaders to serve our youth.  It also means that more of our Scouts will be able to attend camps and Scouting events all year long!

To the people of Belt, Monarch, Neihart, Cascade, Ft. Benton, Choteau, Great Falls, Augusta, Sims, Big Sandy, Ulm–and places between–THANK YOU for your continued support of Scouting!