Good to the last Pop!

From: Michelle Ferguson <mimalin>

Subject: Good to the last Pop!

Date: October 13, 2011 2:21:12 PM MDT

To: Michelle Ferguson <mimalin>

Good to the last Pop!

We are down to the final few days of the Trail’s End popcorn sale – the sale ends this Sunday, Oct 16th.
Now is the time to encourage your Scouts to pop out and give a few more folks the chance to support Scouting and help them to reach or exceed their sale’s goal.
How about going back to homes where no one was home when you went down the block a week or two ago?
How about friends you might have missed from your neighborhood or church?
Maybe a business that is in your area? Time for the last round of sales!

è Remember Popcorn Orders are due online at by 10:00 pm, October 18th for a 1% Bonus on your gross sales.

è Step by Step instructions on the ordering process can be found in your Unit Popcorn Chair Guidebook
or follow this link Popcorn Ordering Instructions

Popcorn Dude says – Hey Scouts – Pop out there and make ask a few more folks to support you and Scouting by buying popcorn!

Don’t delay – sale ends Sunday!