Aviation Flight Day

Aaron Weissman

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Subject: Aviation Flight Day

Date: October 12, 2011 5:55:58 PM MDT

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In addition to the Jamboree On The Air this weekend, we also have the Aviation Merit Badge Flight Day for those who could not accomplish it previously, either on their own or with their Troop. Mr. Wrobel, the EAA rep has set this Saturday at 0900 as the beginning of the flights. This will be at Front Range Aviation, Gate Two. I only have four Scouts who have signed paperwork here at the house. Any Scout who wishes to take this flight must have signed paperwork or they cannot fly. Please get me a “Yes, Scout Joe So&So will attend the EAA flight on Saturday 15 October” email and come sign the paperwork. My wife Rhonda will be here and will accept the forms. I must get an accurate head count to Mr. Wrobel, preferably by tomorrow night.

We will meld this in with the JOTA, and the Aviation Scouts will leave (carpool) the Medicine River Scout Center at 0800 Saturday morning. (I suggest a light breakfast, but DON’T skip it!!!!) We owe a lot of thanks to Mr. Lukas for working with Mr. Wrobel to arrange this and fitting this into the weekend. Those attending JOTA will not miss out on their merit badges!

Yours in Scouting, Lonnie Adkins