Outdoor Leader Training and Baloo update

I am posting this update from Keith Hasbrouck concerning the Outdoor Leader Training and Baloo this weekend (10/14 + 10/15):

We are having training this upcoming weekend again. I apologize for any prior confusion but we will NOT be doing Baloo and Outdoor Leader Training together. Combining the two courses created a scheduling challenge for Pack leaders that had previously communicated the schedule to their volunteers, and also made it impossible for people to attend that just wanted to participate in the Baloo training. At the Leader Specific course this past Saturday we polled the units in attendance and they overwhelmingly wanted to hold the courses separately. With that being said here is the time lines for the trainings coming up this weekend.

Friday Oct 14th to Oct 15th will be Outdoor leader training.

This training requires a person to camp out over nite in a tent that they have set up. I will be there at about 5:30PM Friday evening. Hopefully everyone can make it out there and be set up by 7PM as we would like to start the training Friday night. Please EAT something Friday before arriving as we will not be providing dinner. We will have breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Should be done no later than 4PM on Saturday.

I have attached a menu for a dinner. We need each person in the training to bring us a list of groceries they would intend to purchase for that particular menu along with a list of gear you would need to pack for that menu including. axes, dutch ovens, pots, pans and anything for cleanup. DONT bring the items just the lists. Keep in mind you need to figure enough for 15 boys in the outing.

I have also attached the Boy Scout 10 essential items. I would bring anything personal gear that you may want for an overnite campout such as chair, tent, sleeping bag, water bottle, plus any items you may have off the ten essential items list.

Saturday15th will be Baloo training

Registration at about 8AM would like to start by 9AM. Please eat breakfast before attending. This training will go into the early afternoon. At this point lunch will be provided.

Please feel free to email me with any questions and which one people are planning on attending as after the confusion last weekend I dont have any definate lists on participants just general numbers.

My email that I check constantly is keithhas4@gmail.com


Keith H

OLS training menu