Popcorn Fever Continues!

Unit and District Popcorn Chairs:

WOW! We are now at the half-way point in our sale!

Every day filled popcorn order forms are sent in by Scouts from around the state, and one is selected for a prize. Keep those forms coming!….. by fax or scan and email.

Now is a great time for Unit chairs to check in with all of your Scout salesmen – the sale will soon be over – and now is when Scouts need encouragement to achieve or exceed their goals. Don’t forget that many businesses will allow a polite Scout (in uniform, of course) to invite folks at their work to support Scouts by buying popcorn.

Also, don’t forget that on-line sales count during the council sale just like take-order sales, so email or call Gramma or other far-away relatives and give them the opportunity to help Scouts reach their goals.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic efforts to date – keep up the good work! Keep knocking on doors and asking your friends, neighbors, and new friends to buy popcorn.

Popcorn Dude says – Go Scouts, Go!

Before it is too late….get out there and have fun selling more Trail’s End Popcorn!