Mystery Houses Update

Houses #1 and #2 have not been found yet. As a reminder, the most recent clues are:

House #1 is on the south side of town between 10th Avenue South & 30th Avenue South and 9th Street South & 25th Street South.

House #2 is on the north side of town between Central Avenue & 10th Avenue North and 38th Street North & 57th Street North.

House #3 and House #4 are on the south side of town between Central Avenue and 30th Avenue South and 25th Street South and 57th Street South.

As a reminder: each prize is worth between $25 and $30. The Mystery Houses will let me know when their prizes have been found, and I will email everyone to let them know. The Tuesday clue will be a clue to narrow in on unfound houses. I will also add the final houses on Tuesday since we are getting near the end. Starting on Thursday, I will post a new clue each day until the houses are found.

Good luck to everyone.