Minutes of the District Meeting 10/4/11

Montana Council

Lewis and Clark District
District Roundtable and Meeting
LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Ave S

October 4, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

  1. Roundtables/Training Features of the Month, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. — Topics:  Cubs- Recharter, roles defined, how to do meetings, construction of chariots.  Boys- recharter, roles defined/how to spot Patrol method, how to do meetings
  1. The meeting was opened at 7:3opm, Order of the Arrow led in the Pledge of Alliegance
  2. The September minutes were approved
  3. Old/New Business
    1. Upcoming Events

JOTA – is October 15th and 16th at Medicine River Scout Center.  All Scouts and their families are invited to stop by.  Boys can attend for 5 minutes or all day.  We will be grilling hamburgers as well for JOTA participants.  The event is free, or $6 if you want a patch.  Units may camp as well.  Cubs must have a parent stay with them.  Boy Scouts who camp and spend the weekend can earn their Radio Merit Badge.  Boys will even be able to talk to an astronaut at the International Space Station who is participating.

Tiger Fun Day – is Saturday Oct 22nd from 9am to noon at Faith Lutheran Church.  An adult partner must participate with their Tiger Cub.  The cost is $5 and includes a patch.

COR Dinner – is Saturday Oct 15th at 6pm at the Medicine River Scout Center.  The Key 3 will be thanking our CORs by grilling steaks and providing the other food.  All of CORs and their spouses are invited to come out and see all of the activity that weekend at the Scout Center.

2.  Upcoming Trainings

Leader Specific Training – is Saturday Oct 8th at the Scout Office.  Check-in begins at 8am.  Training begins at 8:30am.  Lunch will not be provided.  Venture leader training will be done at Merit Badge Pow-wow.

Outdoor Training – is Friday and Saturday Oct 14+15 at the Medicine River Scout Center.  The course will cover both Baloo and Boy Scout Outdoor Leader Training.  Participants will need to attend both Friday night and Saturday.  Participants will be camping overnight.

Cub Leader Pow-Wow – is Saturday Oct 15th in Billings and Saturday Oct 22nd in Missoula.  This is a Council activity for Cub Leaders.  Details can be found on the Council website

3.  Medicine River Scout Center – We finally have the lease signed by all parties and is official!  Peter is looking for volunteers to help clean out the garage on Sat 10/8 to prepare for the following weekend’s activities.  If you can help or have questions, please call Peter at 868-3574.

4.  Popcorn Sale – early reports seem like sales are strong.  Two mystery houses are set, but haven’t yet been found.  It was brought our attention that we didn’t have any PSA’s at the outset of the sale.  There is still one full week and two weekends of our sale.  We need to push to ensure a successful outcome.

5.  District Executive Report

Membership as of 10/4/11
Youth Youth Youth Youth Units Units Units Units
TY Goal Need % (LY) TY Goal Need % (LY)
Cubs 393 435 42 -3.7 19 21 2 +5.6
Boys 292 320 28 -4.9 25 25 0 -3.8
Venturers 20 20 0 +53.8 4 5 1 -20.0
Total 705 775 70 -3.2 47 51 4 -2.0
LFL 23 35 12 -83.9 2 4 2 0.0
Total 728 810 82 -6.1 49 55 6 -2.0
FOS as of 10/4/11
Goal Current %
Community 25,000 14,487 57.948
Family 12,000 17,445 145.375
Gift in Kind 6,500 3,025 46.5384615384615
LDS 10,000 13,011 130.11
Scouter 750 1,249 166.533333333333
Total 54,250 49,217 90.7225806451613
    • District Commissioner Report
      1. Unit Charter Renewal – recharters were handed out at Roundtables.  If your unit didn’t attend Roundtable, we have your recharter packet available.  We are trying to schedule a recharter work session where we have a bank of computers available for use and trainers to help guide through the process.  Recharters are due in by 11/30.
      2. Unit Commissioners – unit commissioner meeting will be scheduled for this month
    • District Chair Report
      1. Journey to Excellence Targets – we need to push for silver and gold status.  Advancement must be entered through the online advancement form to be counted towards the goal.
      2. Website/Blog/twitter tracking statistics – Aaron covered some our recent successes with the websites.  Over 400 pages views on the blog last month!  Over 100 subscribers to the emails.  We still have lots of room for growth and improvement – we want all of our Scout parents on the email list.  We will have email sign up sheets at all of our activities going forward.
  1. Other Business

-Lonnie discussed the flight arrangements for the boys working on aviation merit badge.  The details are on the blog.  All of the revenue earned from the sale of the programs at the airshow is going to Troop 26 and will be divided out from there.

– Kory Hasbrouck filled everyone in on the activities and forums at the Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship.  Both Kory and Chris Shepherd came back very excited!  OA is going to be having 2 meetings a month.  The first meeting will remain the first Tuesday (just like the Roundtables and District meeting)  and the second meeting will be a fun (fellowship) meeting.

– The Klondike Derby is going to be at Camp Rotary this year.  Guarantee of snow!

  1. Adjourned at 8:26pm.  Next meeting November 8, 2011, 6:30 p.m. at LDS Stake Center, 1015 15th Avenue South