Flights for Aviation Merit Badge Participants

From: Troop7Scoutmaster <Troop7Scoutmaster>

Subject: Aviation Merit Badge

Date: October 3, 2011 7:34:22 AM MDT

To: “‘Adkins, Lonnie D CTR USAF ANG 120 FW/CCZ'” <lonnie.adkins.ctr>

I have recently received the EAA paperwork for our Scouts flights for the Aviation Merit Badge. Because this is joint sponsored by the EAA and the BSA, EAA paperwork (permission slips etc) also must be filed and a BSA “Flight Plan” given to the District. I’ll do the leg work, but please come to my place and fill out the paperwork for your Scout. I’ll be here the next couple of days, then I am out of town from Thursday thru next Monday. My wife Rhonda will be here and will accept the forms.

I know this has seemed like a real pain, but its finally coming together. ThanX To all and If you know someone who needs to get this, please forward it to them

Lonnie Adkins