Unit Goal Reminder

From: Michelle Ferguson <mimalin>

Subject: Unit Goal Reminder

Date: September 22, 2011 3:41:06 PM MDT

Wow! Popcorn Time is Here!

Are your Scouts motivated to have a great sale this year?

The most important reason to sell popcorn is that it helps your Scouts

to earn funds so that they can have a better, more exciting Scouting program all year long.

Sale Dates: September24th – October 16th

When your Scouts and their families can see how a successful popcorn sale will bring them a great (and affordable) year of Scouting, they will be really motivated! Establish a unit sales goal that will move your unit forward, and enable your Scouts and your unit to have a bigger and better year of Scouting than ever before!

Bonus Reminder:

Receive 1% of your gross sales back to your unit – submit your Unit’s Popcorn Goal online at www.montanabsa.org by September 24th.

Remind your Scouts to log on to the Council Site and submit their goal to win PRIZES!

  • On Average a Scout in uniform will make a sale over 70% of the time when they speak directly to the adult about buying popcorn to support their Scouting. WOW!!!

The key to a more successful sale is simple:

  • Plan a great year of program in your unit.
  • Set an exciting unit sales goal.
  • Show your Scouts and parents the benefits.
  • Get more of your Scouts to ask more people to

support them by Buying popcorn!

This year’s popcorn sale will be the best ever –
set your Unit and Scout goals, get fired up, and go for it!