work at Medicine River Scout Center

Dear committee members, unit leaders, scouts and scouters,

I’d like to take another shot at getting a group of scouts and scouters out to the Medicine River Scout Center at Wadsworth Park to get some work done.

At this point, the priority is still to remove as much old, in-the-way junk and hazards as possible.  We have two skeet towers on the ground that need to be broken apart.  There are a couple dozen t-posts sticking up throughout our parade ground.  If there is enough help on hand, we will clean junk out of the addition (kitchen, bathroom) part of the main building.  I hope to have the garage cleaned out and ready for storage by the time we have our work day.  There is likely some good salvageable material and a lot of junk.  In either case we’ll make organized piles and some will go to the dump, while others will be recycled into something else – Adirondack shelters, patrol boxes, bird houses, heck, even rockers for granny if you have the motivation.

After looking at the district calendar, there emerge two weekends in October that seem to have some promise Oct. 8,9 and Oct 29,30.  Unit leaders, please get this message to your scouts and parents.  If unit leaders could please respond so I can get an idea of what weekend works for more people, we’ll schedule something within 2 weeks.  We’ll need people to bring tools of all kinds – hammers, saws, prybars, screwguns – anything that you think might be useful for working on a scout center, i.e. anything!  This will be a great opportunity to brainstorm about how we want to set up this facility – it’s in our hands now.

Sincerely, Peter Jennings     MRSC committee chair