Cub Scout Leader Pow-Wow

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Finally, after a long dry spell, we are going to have Cub Leader Pow Wows in Montana !
The First will be held Sat. Oct. 15th in Billings and the second will be held Sat. Oct. 22nd in Missoula.

What is a Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow? Well, let me tell you! It is when you get leaders from an area together to exchange ideas and resources between each other. Many different topics and ideas can be exchanged. In this instance, the Montana Cub Scout Committee made up of Cub Scout Leaders from arround the Big Sky State have organzied 2 separate Pow Wow each covering 7 topics.

Both Pow-Wows will feature Cub Scout Advancements.  Other sessions will be

  • neckerchief slides
  • belt loops and pins
  • skits & puppets
  • communications for Cub Scout Leaders
  • Games
  • Sports and Scholarship Belt Loops
  • General Crafts; Skits/Songs/Cheers, and
  • Webelos to Scout Transition

Particular sessions will depend on the location and the presenters, so check out the flyers for the one you would like to attend.

Contact and registration informaton can be found on the attached flyers. Please share the flyers with your Leaders and Parents. The cost is only $10 for the materials you will receive, along with a jump drive with all the information and additional helps. Both sessions are BYOBBL (Bring Your Own Brown Bag Lunch).

Billings Pow Wow Flyer