Popcorn Sale Begins September 24 – Enter your Individual and Unit Sales Goals today!

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Popcorn!  Is there any other product that makes everyone thing about the Boy Scouts of America?  A delicious treat that pays for your trip to Summer camp?

Here in Great Falls, we have a great tradition of selling popcorn.  Let’s do our best to make this our biggest popcorn sale ever!  Our Montana Council popcorn sale this year will begin on September 24 and conclude on October 16.  There are some changes this year:

  • Units can now choose to receive either all ScoutBucks as prizes, or all gift cards.  The unit has to choose before the sale ends.
  • By popular demand, Kettle Corn is back!
  • The Chocolate Lover’s Combination is now discontinued.  The price of chocolate made it impossible to continue selling this product at a reasonable price.
  • All Scouts and Units must enter their popcorn sales goal on the Council website, at http://montanabsa.org/popcorn.aspx.  Please do so today!
So what are you waiting for?  Go to http://montanabsa.org/popcorn.aspx now and enter your sales goal!