Cool event opportunity for our Troops!

Please scroll through the email to read the original email from Mike Malone. There is a Scout Troop coming to Great Falls from California, and they are looking for area Scouts to join with them for portions of their visit/activities.

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Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2011 1:44 AM
To: Gordon Rubard
Subject: from Mike Malone, Forbes

Mr. Rubard:

I’m writing you as the assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 466 in Sunnyvale,
California and a member of the Santa Clara County Council board. On July 30th,
I’m leading a contingent of about 20 Scouts and dads to Great Falls as part of
our annual adventure. In the past, we’ve hiked across England and attended the
World Jamboree, driven cattle up the Chisholm Trail (you may have seen my oldest
son and I on the cover of Scouting magazine a couple years ago), and restored a
civil war battlefield and cemetery in Northern Virginia (it was covered in Boy’s

This year is equally special: we have commissioned from the Buffalo NY Maritime
Center the construction of replica of the Lewis & Clark bateau. Beginning
August 1st, we will float, row and sail 50 miles along the Missouri. Our goal
is to complete three Eagle Projects: 1) Trail work for the Forest Service; 2)
Delivery and donation of the bateau to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
(along with sail, mast, stand, etc.) as its newest permanent exhibit; and 3)
Creation of a BSA National Historic Trail, with accompanying website and trail
medal that will be donated in volume to your scout shop and the Interpretive
Center that can be earned by both Scouts and non-Scouts and serve as a profit
source for both institutions. There will also be website created to support
this Historic Trail. If the past is any experience, these efforts will attract
added Scout troops from around the country to your Council’s sites, as well as
gain you considerable national attention within Scouting.

Our plan is to arrive in Great Falls on the weekend of the 30th and spend most
of the week on the river — and we’d like to have Scouts in your council join us
whenever they can. I’ve approached the State Fair folks about conducting a flag
ceremony on the 30th or 31st. If that happens, we love to have local Scouts
join us in the ceremony. Beginning Monday we’ll be on the river, bateau and
about a dozen canoes, mostly down towards Fort Benten. We will likely be joined
by the L&C Honor Guard on some campfires during the week . . .something your
Scouts might also like to join.

On Friday, August 5th, our plan is transport the bateau to Great Falls and then
portage it, probably on a trailer, through the city, to promote the Intepretive
Center and its new exhibit. It would be great to have some local Scouts join us
pushing the boat through town. We’ll then put the bateau back into the river
just below the Falls and float it the short distance to the Center. We’ll then
have a formal ceremony to give the bateau to the Center’s (and the Foundation’s)
director. I’ve invited the Governor to attend, and I hope you can be there as
well, perhaps with your Council president. Saturday, we intend to spend the day
working on constructing a stand-sling for the bateau.

Boy’s Life magazine currently plans to cover the trip and make it a cover story.
I’ll also be contacting other local, regional and national media sources in case
they want to cover the start or the end of the trip — an AP photograph from the
Chisholm Trail ride was carried around the world and was probably seen by a
billion people (a great promotion for Scounting International). If you are
interested, I’d like for you to be available for interviews about the Scouting
program in Montana.

I hope you find all of this both interesting and compelling — and a great
platform to promote Scouting in Montana. Perhaps we can pass emails back and
forth over the next few weeks to discuss details of our itinerary, potential
local Scouts or troops that might like to join us, and ultimately how we can
work with you on the Historic Trail and medal program.

I look forward to hearing from you — and if you need to learn anything more
about me, if only to confirm that this ambitious plan is real, you can simply
search “Michael S. Malone” on wikipedia, google or amazon.

Yours in Scouting,

Mike Malone
ASM T466