Air Show Participation

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Date: July 28, 2011 11:12:33 AM MDT
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Subject: Air Show Participation

I have been able to get 50 individual passes and 5 reserved parking passes for each day (Sat and Sun). Please respond with the names and which day you would prefer to volunteer for. To ensure there is NO confusion, ALL VOLUNTEERS should provide me this information so I can get them their passes, too. Friday volunteers are needed for set up, too. All Scouts are welcome to participate, mostly in selling Souvenir Programs, but can also help at the booth. All Volunteers are reminded that the Aviation Merit Badge Scouts take priority in the issue of passes (But I can get more!!)

More later tonight when I can get things set up this afternoon!!!

Lonnie Adkins

District Chair for Aviation Merit Badge and Air Show

Air Show Volunteer Sign Up Sheet.doc